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Reliable website hosting on both windows and linux platforms are provided by us.While the most important features to look out for in a web hosting space provider are - speed, reliability, uptime, robustness, security - there are some finer points you need to consider before you make that vital decision.

One of the reliable hosts we assure you of are :


Mail Account space: Out of the space that you book, some hosts will allot a fixed MBs for your email accounts. If for instance you book 10 MB server space, a host may allot a fixed 5 MB for website hosting and the rest 5 MB for email accounts. In case you do not use your website based email address or want the flexibility of sharing your hosting space between your website and email accounts, you should go in for a host that provides this flexibility.
You wouldn't want to be stuck if you wanted to add a few more pages that may take your website size to 5.2 MB!! Neither would it be good to have a mail of 6 MB from a client be bounced back if you are using only 3 MB or so for your website.
Some hosting service providers give sendmail accounts while others give POP3 accounts. What's the difference?
With sendmail email accounts, it works best to setup only the catch all email account on the email client application ( like Outlook Express, Eudora) on your desktop. This may be a disadvantage when you have separate accounts for each department or employees.
If you want individuals in your company to have separate email accounts and to have the ability to access their mails from their email application, you want a host that provides POP3 accounts.
How many email accounts does the hosting service offer? How many do you need and how many will you be needing, say 6 months down the line? Consider these factors before you make a decision.

Some hosts give a stripped down version, that is webspace without permission to use certain scripts, programming and databases. So, while at the outset, it may seem like you are getting the same web space for a lot less, you may actually end up paying the same amount or even more if your site requires the use of certain scripting languages and databases.

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