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This Lead & Database management software application has been designed and developed with a view to provide the bpo clients with a simple and easy-to-use method of accessing leads along with, and more importantly, providing the highest level of security. The main aspect of this application is to differentiate the level of access to the leads database. At each level, the lead can be viewed and modified/exported by only the concerned persons. Another important feature of V3 tech's Database Management Software is to provide you with a simple yet secure and effective method of receiveing leads from various call centers simultaneously and also updating them of the lead status.

This software will also help you prevent unwanted theft of your leads which is a growing menace in today’s Call Center Industry.The current practice of submitting leads online through a webpage has it’s own defects. If someone steals the ID and password for the site, he/she can easily get an access to the entire database.This is one major factor which we had in mind while designing the software. Hence, although internet bandwidth is used for lead submission, everything is done through the application’s panel itself. Hence, even if someone has the user ID and password, he will not be able to access the database untill and unless he has the appropriate application module as well. Even if someone gets his hands on the software module as well, your database still remains protected because the modules have been designed in a way that it does not store any vital informations of the leads. So, even if someone takes the trouble of stealing both the User-Id and Password along with the software module, what he’d access is just useless lead information.

  1. System Requirements :

O.S. : Win XP, Win 2000, Win 98, Win Me, Win NT, VISTA.
Processor : Intel Pentium III and above.
RAM : 256 MB (Minimum)
Additional : Microsoft .net Framework 2 must be installed . The application will automatically download it , if it is not previously installed.

    The application has been designed to have the following two access levels :
    • Admin Access Level
    • Client Access Level
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